[ntp:questions] ntpd, boot time, and hot plugging

Alain alainm at pobox.com
Sun Feb 6 23:43:49 UTC 2005

Hi David,

 > For the daemon to find
> the clock more than 1000 s off after that, something must be seriously 
> broken in the server or client and surely the daemon should abandon ship 
> and wave a flag at the system log. It happened last year when some 
> popular GPS radio caught a bug and jumped several years. 

 > Nobody seemed
> to notice, as ntpd dropped anchor and left the clock alone.

That is what I am arguing about. People just would not notice it and 
their clocks are uncorrected.

This requires that I have another daemon taking care of this one! Just 
to see if I have to Start ntpd -g again... If it makes sense for you, I 
cannot see it. I undertsand that I am just a newcomer and as such my 
opinions have little weight. I am conciouns that here I am just a user 
and as such I have the priviledge of asking silly questions :)

And anyway I am very THANKFULL of all you have done, NTP is *almost* 


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