[ntp:questions] Re: dcf77 receiver makes ntp unstable? (drift and offset get jumpy)

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Tue Feb 8 01:03:53 UTC 2005

At 5:25 PM -0500 2005-02-07, Richard B. Gilbert wrote:

>  The same old Microsoft game; use our tools and force everyone to use
>  our browser!

	Note that Safari 1.2.4 displays the blue line just fine.  As does 
iCab 2.9.8, OmniWeb 5.0, Opera 7.51, and Camino 0.8.2 (an Aqua-fied 
Gecko-based browser, similar to Firefox).

	I don't have IE or Netscape to test with, but every browser I do 
have works just fine.

	Maybe something with your machine?

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