[ntp:questions] Re: ntpd, boot time, and hot plugging

You have no need to know anjahnoaoed at fl.net.invalid
Tue Feb 8 10:05:51 UTC 2005

Abandoning the right to remain silent, Brad Knowles at Sun, 06 Feb 2005
19:49:54 +0100 said:

> At 11:13 AM +0000 2005-02-06, Per Hedeland wrote:
>>  Well, that output only shows it doing the DNS lookups in sequence - it's
>>  a bit of a pain to do it any other way given the synchronous nature of
>>  gethostby*().

I tried it by doing a 'ntp -n -c pe' and putting the resulting 16 IPs in
"ntpdate -d ..."

The first run took ~19 secs, most of which was *reverse* lookups of all
the IPs.

The following 3 runs each took between 3 and 4 secs.

I do run a nameserver on the same box. Apart from caching responses, this
smooths out response from dead nameservers because named caches the
response time and tries the relevent NS with the best response time.

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