[ntp:questions] Re: Deprecating ntpdate for Red Hat

Kenneth Porter shiva.blacklist at sewingwitch.com
Wed Feb 9 17:32:56 UTC 2005

"David Schwartz" <davids at webmaster.com> wrote in
news:cublrk$ull$1 at nntp.webmaster.com: 

>     This would partially break a setup where a list of servers to
>     initially 
> query is present, but ntp is not configured. I'd suggest deprecating 
> 'step-tickers', and using 'ntpdate' only if step-tickers is present. 
> Otherwise, use 'ntpd -g'. Issuing a warning when 'step-tickers' is
> present is probably a good idea.

Except for the warning, this is the status quo. The question is how to get 
users to stop using step-tickers. The warning would be a good first step, 
if we can expect users to see it. However, the graphical boot may hide it, 
and what workstation users look at logs?.
>     An alternative solution would be to parse the 'step-tickers' file
>     into a 
> rough configuration file and call 'ntp' to set the clock and exit
> (using a temporary config file built from the 'step-tickers' file.
> This would permit the deprecated 'step-tickers' capability to work
> even if they stop shipping/maintaining 'ntpdate'.

This is sorta how the DHCP client works, when NTP servers are supplied by 
the DHCP server. It used to clobber the whole ntp.conf file, even when one 
had hand-crafted it, but I believe it now makes an attempt to preserve the 
user's settings when adding new servers.

Note that one can have both step-tickers and ntp.conf. step-tickers and 
ntpdate are only used at startup.

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