[ntp:questions] Windows Time Service not working - time running too fast.

mayer at gis.net mayer at gis.net
Thu Feb 10 17:40:33 UTC 2005

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> We have a Win2k server controlling an Active Directory domain who's
> time seems to drift 10-15 minutes too fast a day.
> No matter what NTP server i set it to by:
> net time /setsntp:time.windows.com  etc
> then stop and start the server:
> net stop w32time
> net start w32time
> It just doesn't seem to synchronise and get the time back on track.
> I don't think its the hardware firewall blocking the ports because a
> WinXP computer here that hasn't joined the domain is able to sync with
> the time servers fine.
> Does anybody have any ideas?

w32time is not NTP. If you had NTP running on the box we would be able
help you. You need to ask Microsoft about this.

If your clock is drifting that much either it's not able to connect to
a remote service, and your event log would tell you that. You did look
at the event log, right?

Also if the system is heavily loaded you could be losing interrupts but
you have told us nothing about the system.

Install NTP, disable w32time and then we can discuss it.


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