[ntp:questions] Re: Good GPS for attic?

John Pettitt jpp at cloudview.com
Fri Feb 11 18:17:40 UTC 2005

Ivor Jones wrote: >
> Why does it have to be a GPS..? If you only want it for a PC time 
> reference, why not use one of the many free ntp servers..?
> Ivor

You could ask the same question of anybody with a ham radio - why not 
use the phone?  It's not about just getting the service.

On my home net I set up GPS time because I wanted to see how cheaply I 
could do it ($350 emachines computer, $85 GPS18 LV, freebsd and about $5 
of connectors).   I could have done it for under $120 with a used 486 box.

Now it's working it's part of the pool.ntp.org system of free servers - 
(if everybody said "why not use one of the many free ntp servers..?" 
there would be no free servers).


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