[ntp:questions] Re: Good GPS for attic?

Patrick Klos pklos at osmium.mv.net
Fri Feb 11 18:31:37 UTC 2005

In article <01c5104a$fbc05f40$7551b80a at david-lee>, David Lee <dl at dl> wrote:
>Jonathan Sturges wrote...
>> I'm looking to use a GPS receiver as an inexpensive reference clock for 
>> an xntpd time server.  I'd like to leave the GPS in my attic for 
>> convenience and asthetics.
>> A while back I bought a Radio Shack DigiTraveller GPS for this purpose. 
>>   It's ideal on almost all counts except that it can't keep a consistent 
>> lock from my attic.  It's close though (maybe if I could mount it above 
>> the insulation that would help).
>> Can anyone recommend another inexpensive GPS that might be more 
>> sensitive?  I don't want fancy, just plain-jane with a serial port that 
>> can spit out NMEA strings for xntpd.  PPS would also be nice, but I'd be 
>> happy without it too.  (I'm mostly doing this to have a time reference 
>> for household computers, and also just the experience of setting this 
>> up.  Fantastic precision would be nice but certainly not required for 
>> this particular project.)
>How about a re-radiating antenna on the roof feeding your existing GPS -
>route the cable under a tile or under the eaves like a TV aerial lead. 

Can you recommend one and suggest a ball park price range?

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