[ntp:questions] Re: Good GPS for attic?

Kenneth Porter shiva.blacklist at sewingwitch.com
Fri Feb 11 20:09:11 UTC 2005

John Pettitt <jpp at cloudview.com> wrote in
news:420CE54A.9000603 at cloudview.com: 

> I went with a GPS18 LVC (the LV model is the only one that has PPS but 
> you have to solder your own plug).   It's a 5cm black disk that is 
> magnetic and becasue it's so small I decided to run it outside rather 
> then mess with tring to get it to work inside.    So far I'm really 
> pleased with it. 

Where does one acquire one of those? Garmin's dealer locator lists 
categories for Aviation, Canada, and Marine/Recreation, but not OEM.

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