[ntp:questions] Re: Good GPS for attic?

John Pettitt jpp at cloudview.com
Fri Feb 11 21:15:44 UTC 2005

Marvin Hlavac wrote:
>>On my home net I set up GPS time because I wanted to see how cheaply I
>>could do it ($350 emachines computer, $85 GPS18 LV, freebsd and about $5
>>of connectors).   I could have done it for under $120 with a used 486 box.
> Hi Guys,
> Likely the easiest and cheapest solution would be just to buy an
> "AtomicClock".
> Atomic Wall Clock:
> $29.95 http://www.ccrane.com/atomic-wall-clock.aspx
> Atomic Wrist Watch
> $49.94 http://www.ccrane.com/digital-atomic-watch.aspx
> Atomic Alarm Clock w/Radio
> $64.65 http://www.ccrane.com/sony-alarm-clock-radio.aspx
> But I agree, buying it takes the fun out of it ;-)

and Matt wrote
> how about getting the atomic clock time via internet?
> Matt

Notice that this thread is cross posted to comp.protocols.time.ntp -

NTP is the protocol that's used to for "getting the atomic clock time 
via internet".  In reality when you get the atomic clock time from the 
internet you are talking to an ntp server that (unless it's one of the 
government ones that actually talks to an atomic clock) is most probably 
getting it's time from GPS.

The original poster that started this thread was setting up such a 
server (it's relatively easy I have one at home).

OK enough cross posting for now.


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