[ntp:questions] Re: beginner needs help with gps nmea setup and pps

Ronan Flood ronan at noc.ulcc.ac.uk
Fri Feb 11 23:21:03 UTC 2005

ramb at sonic.net wrote:

> I'm getting started with NTP and am having some trouble setting it up.

First question: what version of ntpd are you running?
It should log this at startup.  It's important to know
this as the behaviour of different versions can vary.

> Is there a difference between these two pps things? I have a gps receiver
> that has a pps output. I want to set up an NTP server that is talking to
> the gps receiver and uses the pps output as well.
> I think I've enabled the PPS output of my GPS receiver.
> Is this enough for /etc/ntp.conf?
> enable stats monitor pps
> server
> server
> logconfig +clockall

When using driver 20 (refclock_nmea), I don't think you
need driver 22 (refclock_atom) -- the NMEA driver can
deal with PPS directly itself if you have the PPASPI.
Try removing "server".

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