[ntp:questions] Does NTP model clock skew?

Affan affanahmed at gmail.com
Sat Feb 12 22:12:14 UTC 2005

I am trying to currently understand exactly how does NTP cater for
clock skewing at individual nodes in the network. From my current
understanding, it does so based on just statistical measurments of
many,many offset calculations made through a two way exchange between
the NTP server (another question.. are the server and client supposed
to be on the same network i.e. one hop away?)- and it changes something
in oscillator PLL. But it doesnt do anything like what e.g. RBS does -
meaining that it does not form a line which can be used to say.. yes
this is a value of skew that i have (based on some line drawn to best
fit the datapoints).

I hope this isnt a wrong place to ask the question, and I hope I have
provided suffiecient information so that some one can give me a


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