[ntp:questions] Re: Does NTP model clock skew?

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Sun Feb 13 00:54:11 UTC 2005


You have stirred a nest of spiders. See the briefings and white papers 
at the NTP project page linked from www.ntp.org. There are a number of 
journal articles and reports about the characterization of computer 
clocks with measured and simulated statistics. The current NTP software 
distribution includes a simulator with synthetic noise generators for 
phase and frequency and which have been validated with in-vivo network 


Affan wrote:
> I am trying to currently understand exactly how does NTP cater for
> clock skewing at individual nodes in the network. From my current
> understanding, it does so based on just statistical measurments of
> many,many offset calculations made through a two way exchange between
> the NTP server (another question.. are the server and client supposed
> to be on the same network i.e. one hop away?)- and it changes something
> in oscillator PLL. But it doesnt do anything like what e.g. RBS does -
> meaining that it does not form a line which can be used to say.. yes
> this is a value of skew that i have (based on some line drawn to best
> fit the datapoints).
> I hope this isnt a wrong place to ask the question, and I hope I have
> provided suffiecient information so that some one can give me a
> response.
> Regards
> Affan.

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