[ntp:questions] Is ntp really what I need?

Paul Hilton paul_hilton at somedomain.com
Mon Feb 14 16:33:52 UTC 2005


I am using SuSE 9.0, I start ntpd on boot, and I have problems with my

I do not need a very accurate clock, but it would be nice to keep my
network within a few seconds at worst, for file synchronization.

The system clock seems to be based upon an interrupt driven counting
method, there is a CMOS clock in the hardware that seems to work very
well, but it is largely ignored except for boot up.

When I run a job that strains the limits of the processor (such as playing
some videos) the clock accumulates a drastic negative error, I presume
that the clock interrupts are being missed. This makes a mockery of the
concept of drift.

Sometimes ntpd corrects this, but quite often ntpd just dies (I presume
because of the repeated 'insane' errors). The recent log shows:

11 Feb 12:42:12 ntpd[1792]: time reset 6.183748 s
11 Feb 12:42:12 ntpd[1792]: synchronisation lost
11 Feb 13:08:08 ntpd[1792]: time reset 3.694851 s
11 Feb 13:08:08 ntpd[1792]: synchronisation lost
11 Feb 14:39:59 ntpd[1792]: time reset 84.642767 s
11 Feb 14:39:59 ntpd[1792]: synchronisation lost
11 Feb 15:01:43 ntpd[1792]: time reset 9.474174 s
11 Feb 15:01:43 ntpd[1792]: synchronisation lost
12 Feb 01:07:49 ntpd[1792]: time correction of 1008 seconds exceeds sanity
 limit (1000); set clock manually to the correct UTC time.
14 Feb 10:33:12 ntpd[21757]: signal_no_reset: signal 17 had flags 4000000
14 Feb 10:33:12 ntpd[21755]: running as uid(74)/gid(65534) euid(74)/egid(65534).
14 Feb 10:33:12 ntpd[21755]: frequency initialized 86.927 from 
14 Feb 10:36:35 ntpd[21755]: kernel time discipline status change 41
14 Feb 10:53:42 ntpd[21755]: time reset 0.656745 s
14 Feb 10:53:42 ntpd[21755]: synchronisation lost

Would I just be better off running ntpd -q hourly as a cron job?

My ntp.conf is:

fudge stratum 10
server blade.avnf.com
driftfile /var/lib/ntp/drift/ntp.drift
logfile /var/log/ntp

Thanks for any insights,
Paul Hilton
somedomain might be yahoo

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