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> >> > GPS provides for so much more than merely a time server.
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> >>     Nevertheless, it is now the world standard for time
> >>     synchronization.
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> >Which may be a bit worrisome since the US Administration said it is
> >willing to shut it down in emergencies / terrorist acts:
> >
> >http://www.interesting-people.org/archives/interesting-people/200412/msg00099.html

> True, but shutting it off, or munging the civilian signal, including
> Selective Availability has always been an option, making the US GPS
> useless for any user without a military encrypted GPS.

> Selective Availability was turned off by Presidential (Clinton) order
> in May 2000. It has not been used since.

> It was not turned on during the 9/11 attacks, and you would have to
> think that if it takes a larger event than that to interfere with GPS,
> knowing the exact time would be a rather low priority.

> Shutting down GPS entirely is possible, but even less likely. This
> announcement merely states what could happen during an emergency, but
> this has been an option all along.

> Another scare story about how the US military controls GPS after
> making everyone dependent on it. That's why there is a need for
> Europeans to spend lots of money to have their own independent system
> which the US or Russia cannot control.

> Also, even if it is the world standard for time synchronization, there
> would not be complete chaos if it were shut off for a short time.
> There are multiple other sources for a timing signal.

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Not to mention it is rapidly becoming the primary means for aviation
navigation and instrument approaches, all with the blessing of the US

In the very near future, shutting it off WOULD be chaos for aviation.

Jim Pennino

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