[ntp:questions] Re: Is ntp really what I need?

Bjorn Gabrielsson bg at lysator.liu.se
Mon Feb 14 18:04:06 UTC 2005

"Richard B. Gilbert" <rgilbert88 at comcast.net> writes:

> Paul Hilton wrote:
> >When I run a job that strains the limits of the processor (such as playing
> >some videos) the clock accumulates a drastic negative error, I presume
> >that the clock interrupts are being missed. This makes a mockery of the
> >concept of drift.

> I'm afraid you are right about your system losing clock interrupts.
> Unfortunately ntpd must rely on the proper operation of the clock.  It
> can correct minor errors but it can do nothing in the face of an O/S
> that gives higher priority to playing videos than to updating the
> clock.  Change to a better O/S or play your videos somewhere else.


Try to reconfigure your kernel to run HZ at 100 instead of 1000 that
has been popular lately.


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