[ntp:questions] Re: ACTS - too many recvbufs allocated (40) (Correct the Version of ntp-dev)

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Wed Feb 16 21:13:36 UTC 2005


The SMAX was changed to 256 then mysterisously was changed back. Further 
to mystery I changed it again to 256. This might not appear in snapshot 
until after some unrealted issues are resolved here.

It is likely that the trouble that causes you to defeat the raw mode is 
in your selection of either tty or cua in /dev. In Solaris it must be cua.


cipo wrote:
> Comments on ntp-dev-4.2.0a-20050215:
> 1. Compile error on linux: ntpd.c/762/gr->pw_gid -> gr->gr_gid
> 2. In refclock_acts.c SMAX is again 80, immediately segfault after first 
> received packet from EU TDS. SMAX=128...256
> After this patch EU TDS works fine with external serial modem. Thank you!
> When using internal PCI hsf modem, after the first successfully received 
> packet the acts: ioctl: input/output error occured, no successfull 
> connect anymore. This is resolved by removing
>                if (ltemp & TIOCM_DSR)
>                        ttyp->c_cflag &= ~CLOCAL;
> lines in ntp_refclock.c/refclock_setup().
> Are these lines necessary? Without them my external modem works fine 
> too. Maybe this is the internal modem driver's fault.
> -cipo

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