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In comp.protocols.time.ntp John Pettitt <jpp at cloudview.com> wrote:
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>>The Tivo display is sometimes off by enough to affect the start time of
>>scheduled recordings.  Some rumor has it that the Tivo gets its clock from
>>the particular transponder being tuned, and that some of them, in turn, get
>>time from the station being uploaded, and in the case of local stations,
>>the times are not closely monitored.

>>With the internet, GPS, and ntp servers available, and the tight timing
>>necessary to keep distributed processing in synch, it seems silly that
>>anything driven by a computer isn't kept at least within a second or two of
>>real time.
> TiVo gets it's time during it's nightly network connection (you'll see
> the first thing it says is "setting clock") - it's actually an http
> connection over ppp if you use a modem or your broadband if you have
> networked TiVo's.

Depends on the box.  The standalones do that.  

The Directtv/TiVo combo boxes instead pull it directly from the satellite.
It is per-transponder, and they do drift (in my mind, significantly)
from each other over time.  

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