[ntp:questions] Re: Ntp-4.1.2: tinker step 0;always slew andkernel time discipline

Rod Dorman rodd at panix.com
Sat Feb 19 05:51:37 UTC 2005

In article <mailman.142.1108755705.583.questions at lists.ntp.isc.org>,
Nikolaev, Sergey <snikolaev at ebs.com> wrote:
>  ...
>The information contained in this e-mail is confidential. This e-mail is intended only
>for the stated addressee.  If you are not an addressee, you must not disclose, copy,
>circulate or in any other way use or rely on the information contained in this e-mail. if
>you have received this e-mail in error, please inform us immediately and delete it and
>all copies from your system.

Isn't this rather silly when sent to a usenet newsgroup.

					-- Rod --

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