[ntp:questions] Re: Ntp-4.1.2: tinker step 0;always slew andkernel time discipline

Brad Knowles knowles at ntp.isc.org
Sat Feb 19 11:03:25 UTC 2005

At 5:51 AM +0000 2005-02-19, Rod Dorman wrote:

>  In article <mailman.142.1108755705.583.questions at lists.ntp.isc.org>,
>  Nikolaev, Sergey <snikolaev at ebs.com> wrote:
>>   ...
>>The information contained in this e-mail is confidential. This e-mail is

	[ ... deletia ... ]

>  Isn't this rather silly when sent to a usenet newsgroup.

	We provide a gateway function from e-mail to USENET news, but we 
do not make any attempt to do things like stripping signatures, 
etc... when posting the incoming e-mail messages to the relevant 
newsgroup.  If we started doing that sort of stuff, sooner or later 
we would accidentally munge "real" content of a message, and the 
result would be far worse.

	You're just going to have to accept that, on the modern Internet, 
there are some people who live or work in places where the 
administrators of the system insist on putting all sorts of silly 
disclaimers at the bottom of every message, and that this applies to 
Internet e-mail as well as USENET news messages and all other forms 
of communication.

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