[ntp:questions] no server suitable for synchronization?

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Mon Feb 21 13:34:08 UTC 2005

At 8:56 PM +0800 2005-02-21, Zhang Weiwu wrote:

>  sappho ~ # ntpdate -v 2.pool.ntp.org
>  21 Feb 20:50:06 ntpdate[3078]: ntpdate 4.2.0a at 1.1190-r Tue Dec  7 21:59:12
>  CST 2004 (1)
>  21 Feb 20:50:10 ntpdate[3078]: no server suitable for synchronization found
>  (querying 0.pool.ntp.org and 1.pool.ntp.org fails alike)
>  Since I noticed nobody else is talking about it on the web, I guess
>  it's either my ICP or the new great Chinese firewall. Any suggestions?

	It would help to have more debugging information, specifically to 
know which particular servers (by IP address) you were trying to 
query.  Sometimes pool.ntp.org has a hiccup, and the servers that are 
returned are not actually functioning correctly.  This is rare, but 
it does sometimes happen.

	If you could tell us what IP addresses you were querying, and 
give us more information as to the process ntpdate went through at 
the time, we could give you an idea of whether those servers should 
be functional and whether you might be experiencing a firewall 

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