[ntp:questions] Re: prblm to sync time with modem

Ronan Flood ronan at noc.ulcc.ac.uk
Wed Feb 23 17:48:59 UTC 2005

"Johansson, Fredrik" <fjohansson at emea.att.com> wrote:

> I'm trying to sync time with modem to a timeserver in Sweden.
> But it fails..
> I'm using version 4.2.0 compiled on Debian Sarge.
> My /etc/ntp.conf
> server prefer
> phone ATDT033415783
> output from # ntpd -d
> ntpd 4.2.0 at 1.1161-r Wed Feb 23 11:31:12 CET 2005 (2)

> refclock_open: fd 5 modem status 0x4126

> addto_syslog: too many recvbufs allocated (40)

Your modem has DSR on (0x100) when ntpd starts.
This has a special meaning to ntpd, recently discussed here
at some length.

Two things which might help: if you are using /dev/ttyS1 or whatever,
try using the equivalent /dev/cua device instead.  If that doesn't
solve the problem, try "setserial /dev/ttyS1 callout_nohup" before
starting ntpd.

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