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Thu Feb 24 03:51:25 UTC 2005

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Ramanathan Palaniappan wrote:

>I have installed Red Hat Linux 9.0 on my machine

RH9 was replaced by the Fedora Core branch in November 2003. Fedora is
now on FC3, and FC4 is probably due out in May.  RH9 has been unsupported
by Red Hat for 11 months (although you can find some errata at
download.fedoralegacy.org). Why install an obsolete distribution?

>and I find that it already runs a version of ntp..but I could not find
>the source files for the protocol..!

"protocol"???  Or do you mean package?

[compton ~]$  zgrep -w ntp rpms.9-i386.gz 
-rw-r--r-- 1 263      263     1204195 Feb 24  2003 ntp-4.1.2-0.rc1.2.i386.rpm
[compton ~]$ 

>Do only the binaries are shipped with the kernel ??

RH9 was distributed on 7 CDs, Look on the SRPMS disks for the package

>If I would like to install a newer verion of ntp on my machine, how do
>I get rid of the older one..?

Perhaps reading the man page for the package manager (rpm) might give you
a clue.  The syntax is 'rpm -e ntp'  though you probably want to shut down
the daemon first.

        Old guy

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