[ntp:questions] XNTP under QNX 6

Jose jmpuerta at tcpsi.es
Thu Feb 24 07:35:16 UTC 2005


I'm wondering if I could use the NTP (XNTP is the one that impose me) to
synchrnoize a cluster of PC running QNX 6.2.1.

Does anyone knows something about it? I have visited the NTP official web
page and read the related RFCs. I could implement
the way to dialog with a XNTP server (I suppose it should not be a QNX
machine) but I don't know if there is a third-party software
(libraries or examples) to make my life easier.

Would you mind to answer me to my email account as well, please?
jmpuerta at tcpsi.es

Thanks in advance
Best regards

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