[ntp:questions] Re: simple time server

Bryan Henderson bryanh at giraffe-data.com
Wed Aug 2 08:19:35 UTC 2006

>NTP is a very poor choice for what you want to do.  It does not deal 
>with local time at all, it's UTC all the way.

When I said the server would give out local system time, I just meant
the time from that computer's local authority (i.e. gettimeofday()) as
opposed to something that professes to be global standard time.  I
don't care about time zones.

>Have you considered using rdate?  See man rdate.

That looks pretty good.  Not as good as NTP, due to the reduced precision
and less standard protocol, but OK.  Thanks.  It's definitely the
_concept_ I'm looking for.

I suspect it's pretty easy just to _write_ an NTP server program that
does what I'm describing, but I thought I should make sure it hasn't
already been done.

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