[ntp:questions] Hardware clock fails to update.

Frans Grotepass fmgrotepass at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Aug 3 15:17:39 UTC 2006

Our embedded system syncs with the server via NTP. The kernel (2.6.9) has RTC 
set to UTC. When the system boots up, the hardware clock is off by 7200 
seconds. When NTP syncs, the system time is set correctly and the system runs 
synced for a decent while (2 hours). The system is then powered down and 
restarted. Upon restarting, the clock returns to its 7200 second offset. 
Various internet searches pointed to the fact that hardware clock syncing 
being placed under the responsibility of ntp. Is this really the case? If so, 
how can I check that NTP tries to update the hardware clock? 

Best regards,


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