[ntp:questions] ntp on MontaVista Linux

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Mon Aug 14 12:53:30 UTC 2006

pustota1 wrote:
> Hello dear newsgroup subscribers,
> I have following question, I hope this is appropriate group as I don't
> see any group dedicated
> to MontaVista Linux specifically and I have question regarding NTP:
> I have enabled statistics clockstats (I assume no typos) and I do not
> see any
> statistics of that type in /var/log. Also, even though, statsdir should
> be supported
> keyword (at least ntpd does not complain about its presence in the
> config
> file) the specification of different location for statistical files is
> not honoured and
> file keyword is not recognized at all.
> Questions: Is anyone aware of any specific tweaking done to ntp daemon
> in
> MontaVista  Linux distribution?

Why don't you post your configuration file and also what version are you
using of ntp? Use ntpq -c rv to find out.


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