[ntp:questions] Re: Query: Interest in clock synthesizer module -- useful for stabilizing PC timekeeping (among other things)

Eugen COCA ecoca at eed.usv.ro
Thu Aug 17 05:53:16 UTC 2006

Very interesting ideea, but I have a question: Did you take into
consideration the temperature ?

I made some empirical observations and the main problem of the 14 MHz
crystal on the motherboard is the temperature. If you compensate the
mainboard crystal the results are great.

A good ideea is to replace the crystal itself with an OCXO but the
price is higher enough to discourage a self-starter.

As we see here:

at this price we could buy a rubidium oscillator.

If you have to replace something on the motherboard, an ideea is to
replace the crystal with a better one:

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