[ntp:questions] Re: NTP sync on a standalone network (Windows 2k)

Bryan Henderson bryanh at giraffe-data.com
Fri Aug 18 02:23:03 UTC 2006

>It is an out of specification configuration because it doesn't have
>a proper source of true time.

I don't think the SNTP spec says you have to have a proper source of
true time.  I've looked, and while I don't find any statement to that
effect, I do see implications of the opposite: One of the time sources
for which there is a code assigned is described as, "uncalibrated
local clock used as a primary reference for a subnet without external
means of synchronization."

The protocol also gives you a means of specifying precision so that an
SNTP server could say, "It's UTC 2006-08-17 13:34:01 give or take 2048
seconds" if it wanted.

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