[ntp:questions] Re: NTP sync on a standalone network (Windows 2k)

Alexandre Carrausse alex_s_p_a_m at carrausse.com
Fri Aug 18 21:01:46 UTC 2006

"Richard B. Gilbert" <rgilbert88 at comcast.net> wrote in message 
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> David J Taylor wrote:
>> Hal Murray wrote:
>>>In article <44e4e0a2$0$31030$626a54ce at news.free.fr>,
>>>"Alexandre Carrausse" <alex_s_p_a_m at carrausse.com> writes:
>>>>Thanks, the GPS would be an option, but in the very secure site I am
>>>>working in, I am afraid I will not even be allowed to install an
>> []
>>>>What is the approx cost of such systems?
>>>Do-it-yourself:  Under $100 for a Garmin GPS 18 LVC.  You also need
>>>a PC.  Old ones are probably OK.
>> For example ..
>>   http://www.david-taylor.myby.co.uk/ntp/FreeBSD-GPS-PPS.htm
>> .. including an antenna just poking out of the window.  Of course, you 
>> probably can't open the windows either!
>> David
> If his site is really secure, he may have Windows but probably doesn't 
> have windows!!!  His electronic equipment may have to meet the "Tempest" 
> criteria; e.g. any electromagnetic energy emissions do not contain 
> recoverable information.  Add inner and outer chain link fences topped 
> with barbed wire, armed guards, and dogs.   Your imagination can't be to 
> vivid!!!! ;-)

It is not fort knox but almost ;-)
No windows and no telecommunication devices are allowed in the computer 
room, no gsm, no antenna, no copper.

Thank your for your help. Today I have tested some monitoring tools, and 
overall the situation is good.
Our system is 9 minutes below the real time (my wristwatch:-)

Here is how looks our client tcp.conf file file :

server serverA

As suggested, I am thinking about improving it to have

server serverA
server serverB
server serverC
server serverD
server serverE

On serverA, I am thinking about having the following conf

peer serverB
peer serverC
peer serverD
peer serverE

and so on for BCDE.

Does this make sense?


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