[ntp:questions] Re: IPTable Rule to allow NTP thru ?

Hal Murray hmurray at suespammers.org
Sat Aug 19 20:15:18 UTC 2006

>My general network setup is a dsl line coming into an ActionTec dsl modem 
>gateway doing NAT.

In addition to IPTables on your server, you may have to configure
your NAT box to forward outside packets to UDP port 123 at your
external IP address to your NTP server.  It probably depends
on the fine print of your NAT box.  If a packet arrives for port 123,
does it assume a low port number is for a server and check the server
forwarding table, or does it look in the reply mapping table?

You can test the IPTables rules by poking your server
from inside your firewall with ntpq.

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