[ntp:questions] Re: limitation on the client time/date at ntp startup

BG brenda.gillcrist at navy.mil
Tue Aug 22 22:30:41 UTC 2006

I can get ntp to run by typing in ntpd -n -g in a console window but
for this application I don't want to keep a console window visible. Is
there a way to automatically start ntp with the options and you see the
service running in the services window?

Richard B. Gilbert wrote:
> BG wrote:
> > What is the limitation on the time difference of a client clock at ntp
> > startup? Is it 1000 sec? Is there an option to increase this or a
> > 'commercial' version of NTP that will allow greater differences? e.g.
> > years
> >
> > I have a local network set up with a GPS connected to one pc acting as
> > a ntp server. The GPS synchronizes the system clock of this pc. NTP
> > distributes the time to another pc on the network. It appears that I
> > can not change the client pc time/date more than 1000 sec or ntp will
> > not correct the client clock.
> >
> > thank you
> >
> Then don't change the time on the client!!!  This is a non-issue in a
> properly configure NTP network.
> The limit is 1024 seconds and I doubt that anyone is willing to change
> it.  You can start ntpd on the client with the -g option and it will set
> the client's clock on a one time basis.  Thereafter, ntpd should be able
> to keep it synchronized.  If not, there is something very wrong with,
> most probably, the client or (barely possible) the server.
> When ntpd is synchronizing the client, no one should be trying to change
> the client's clock!!!

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