[ntp:questions] how to extract time and position at the same time?

James Cloos cloos at jhcloos.com
Wed Aug 23 16:56:03 UTC 2006

>>>>> "Mario" == Mario Behn <behn at mirsl.ecs.umass.edu> writes:

Mario> I'm using the Motorola Oncore successfully with NTP. However in
Mario> addition to get my PC clock synchronized, I also want to get my
Mario> position.  Since I want to mount the GPS will be mounted on a
Mario> vehicle, I will have to continuously have to log the position
Mario> to a file, to trace my path.

Have a look at gpsd (cf http://gpsd.berlios.de/).  It is designed for
that, and can provide the tracking data to other apps, such as moving
maps, et al.  It can even act as a client of a PPS signal and provide
the tod and pps info to ntpd via the shared mem reference clock (#28).

That's the how.  I'll leave the how well for someone who has had the
opportunity to actually try it out.  (I'm gps-less at the moment....)

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