[ntp:questions] GPS PCI-Express for FreeBSD recommendations?

Jeff W. Boote boote at internet2.edu
Thu Aug 24 21:08:10 UTC 2006

I could really use some advise.

I need to deploy several stratum-1 servers across our national backbone network 
to support one-way latency measurements. We can get an L1 GPS antenna feed from 
the telco provider - but have very limited access to other timing methods. (CDMA 
signals are too weak and unreliable.)

Due to telco-pop issues (limited space/power/hands on), we think it would work 
best if we can get PCI-X or PCI-Express solution. (I'm open to an external GPS 
connected via serial/PPS - but a PCI card would be more convenient given the PC 
hardware configuration.)

I would like to use FreeBSD as well.

The bc637PCI-U looks interesting - but the refclock driver patch has not been 
integrated into even the last development version of ntp. (And with this many 
systems - we really want to minimize locally applied patches to any of the 

The Meinberg GPS169PCI also looked interesting, but I have not yet been able to 
determine if it would be supported on FreeBSD.


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