[ntp:questions] Re: Question to NTP developers

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Thu Aug 24 21:21:41 UTC 2006


Are you using the PPS driver (22)? If so, look at the relative offset 
between the serial timecode and PPS signal. If it is more than a few 
milliseconds, use the fudge time1 option to move the serial timecode 
offset close to the PPS signal. Or, see the tos mindist option on 


Eugen COCAEugen wrote:

> Harlan Stenn wrote:
>>for some reason your
>>GPS is saying "Here's some data, but due to X PPS is currently disabled".
> There is only one GPS receiver and, of course, one PPS hardware signal.
> How could the PPS signal be present on one server and absent on the
> other in the same time ? This is my problem and I suspect 50% the
> hardware on the motherboards and 50% the software (OS + NTP) !
> And this is why I put only one receiver on both servers to diagnose the
> problem.
> And, very strange, when the server stop syncing on the GPS, only and
> many PPS SYNC DISABLED messages appear in the log. Just restarting the
> ntpd service will solve the problem. This is another strange behaviour
> - why, if it is a hardware problem, restarting the service eliminate it
> ?
> Still searching ...

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