[ntp:questions] Re: GPS PCI-Express for FreeBSD recommendations?

Jeff W. Boote boote at internet2.edu
Fri Aug 25 21:59:34 UTC 2006

Hal Murray wrote:
>>We can get an L1 GPS antenna feed from the telco provider -
>>but have very limited access to other timing methods. (CDMA 
>>signals are too weak and unreliable.)
> That's an interesting idea I hadn't thought about.  How common
> is it?
> Maybe you could ask the telco what other customers are using?
> If this is a common problem, we should probably add a note
> the the wiki.

Well - it is not common enough for them to have a standard response to the 
request. ;) I would be willing to contribute something there once I find 
something that works.

I appreciate very much that it looks like the two potential solutions I saw 
might be available soon.

I'm also curious if anyone out there is currently using a PCI GPS solution on 
FreeBSD? What are the currently working solutions?


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