[ntp:questions] Re: PPS from TrueTime 468-DC GOES Time Receiver (with GPS antenna)

simonpg paul at thesimonet.org
Fri Aug 25 23:08:01 UTC 2006

Hacking up a serial cable is no problem.  I'm just worried about frying
something inside the 486-DC.  Could I expect to see an LED lighting up
on one of those RS-232 signal testers?  How about a Volt/Ohm Meter?  Or
am I worring about nothing?  So I'll hook the ring of the BNC to pin 1
of the DB-9, and the tip to whatever DCD is?  Do I need to worry about
ground loops if I use the same serial port?  (whine, whine, whine)
It's just hard to get the 486-DC fixed; know what I mean?

Hal Murray wrote:
> >So, both the 1 and the 1K Hz pulses are available in the form of a BNC
> >connector.  I know that TTL stands for Transistor To Transistor Logic,
> >but I don't know if that looks like a BNC connector.
> TTL is the electrical signal level.  BNC is the mechanical connector.
> You need to build a cable that has a BNC connector on one end
> and a DB-9 on the other.
> You can add the PPS signal to the existing serial cable if you want
> or use a separate serial port.
> If your existing cable has a molded plug you can't easily add it.
> You can either chop the plug off and add a new one, or make an
> adapter cable with two plugs, one of each sex, merging the PPS
> in on one end.
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