[ntp:questions] Re: PPS kernel patch for kernel 2.6.16-2

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Mon Aug 28 14:43:39 UTC 2006

"sleek daelite" wrote in message 
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> Hi all,
> Does anyone know where i can get a pps kernel patch for kernel 2.6.16-2.
> I've version for 2.6.15-1, but i don't think it will work for me and in 
> fact
> i've seen it somewhere it stated that it was buggy and it would be
> incompatitable for me.
> Cheers,
> Sleek
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I used the ppskit-light 2.6.15-1 patch on my 2.6.16 kernel, I had to 
manually edit in a couple of rejects but it's then compiled and working 

You may also need to build NTP from source, if so there are a couple of 
header files that need copying in or PPS does not actually work..
I can't remember what they are but I mentioned them in an older post after 
getting my setup working.

I'm using a GPS25 module, my setup for it in ntp.conf is:

# NMEA Clock using Garmin GPS
server mode 1 version 4 prefer
fudge refid PPS flag2 1 flag3 1 time1 0.000 stratum 1

I also have a couple of local servers and pool servers configured to give 
NTP it's majority decision capability.

You don't need a separate PPS device, it's built in to the NMEA refclock.

You may need a symlink from the appropriate tty to pps0 and gps0
I'm using Centos 4.3 which uses udev, I added these lines at the end of 

# Add symlinks for NTP service
KERNEL="ttyS0" SYMLINK="pps0"
KERNEL="ttyS0" SYMLINK="gps0"

Robert Jenkins.

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