[ntp:questions] Re: NTP Appliance with T1 timing output

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Wed Aug 30 17:42:31 UTC 2006

Joshua Coombs wrote:
> I have been tasked with updating our timing system from the small 
> cluster of Soekris boxes to something pulling time from GPS directly. I 
> was hoping to suggest purchasing a Meinberg produced NTP server, but I 
> also need to have something that can provide a couple T1 timing outputs, 
> so Meinberg is out it seems.  (As are my Soekris units.)
> Anyone have suggestions on a rig other than Symmetricon that will give 
> me T1 timing output, plus act as an NTP server?  Ideally I'd like to get 
> both a GPS referencing and CDMA referencing set of boxes from one vendor.
> Joshua Coombs

CDMA timing is derived from GPS.  If you are going to get GPS, I'm not 
sure that there is much point in also getting CDMA.

Can't help with the T1 timing.

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