[ntp:questions] Why not use timeEndPeriod?

YOYO yyang at psh.com.cn
Tue Aug 29 11:20:19 UTC 2006


i found a strange question. when i use my ntpdate to
synchronize time in my network(*), the cpu usage rises
to a high level, and when i stop ntpdate, cpu reaches a
proper value.

so, i found the following code in ntpdate.c, the point is 
when we called "timeBeginPeriod" to adjust the timer, 
we should call the pare function "timeEndPeriod". 
without doing this, the cpu usage for each process 
might  rise a little bit, and the total cpu usage might 
rises a higher level(normally 30% higher).

is that something wrong with the function call? 
thanks for any hints or thoughts.

 wTimerRes = min(max(tc.wPeriodMin, TARGET_RESOLUTION), tc.wPeriodMax);
 /* establish the minimum timer resolution that we'll use */

 /* start the timer event */
 wTimerID = timeSetEvent(

2006/08/29,    Shanghai, China

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