[ntp:questions] ntp-server+w2k+cisco

pavel malahov malahovpavel at mail.ru
Thu Aug 31 06:05:50 UTC 2006

It is necessary for me to adjust ntp-server on w2k. This ntp-server should be a source of synchronization for the network equipment (cisco 3750) in a local network not having Internet connection. It is necessary for me to solve two problems: 1. To choose ntp-server from thirds of version (as the equipment cisco supports not above version 3), the most suitable for work with the equipment cisco.2. To adjust it that ntp-server was itself an independent source of synchronization without an external source and to have w2k station on which ntp-server installed as a refclock. External time is not so important for me, main that time inside of a local network was kept more or less synchronized.
In this connection please I ask to help me with the arisen questions:
 1. What ntp-server from version3 most will approach to me? 
2. Where can i it download? 
3. What parameters and how to adjust, that ntp-server correctly worked in a local network not having Internet connection. Very much the greater request to explain as it to do in details or to specify the reference where it is described.
 Lot of thanks in advance!

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