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Heiko Gerstung heiko.gerstung at meinberg.de
Thu Aug 31 10:20:39 UTC 2006

Hi Pavel!

pavel malahov wrote:
>    Hello! 
> It is necessary for me to adjust ntp-server on w2k. This ntp-server should be a source of synchronization for the network equipment (cisco 3750) in a local network not having Internet connection. It is necessary for me to solve two problems: 1. To choose ntp-server from thirds of version (as the equipment cisco supports not above version 3), the most suitable for work with the equipment cisco.2. To adjust it that ntp-server was itself an independent source of synchronization without an external source and to have w2k station on which ntp-server installed as a refclock. External time is not so important for me, main that time inside of a local network was kept more or less synchronized.
> In this connection please I ask to help me with the arisen questions:
>  1. What ntp-server from version3 most will approach to me? 
You can use the standard NTP for Windows port, it will support v3 and v4
clients including your Ciscos.

> 2. Where can i it download? 

> 3. What parameters and how to adjust, that ntp-server correctly worked in a local network not having Internet connection. Very much the greater request to explain as it to do in details or to specify the reference where it is described.
>  Lot of thanks in advance!
You can configure it to use the "local clock" reference as its only
source of time and set it up to advertise a stratum level of 5 or so.

If you want to add a hardware reference, you could use our GPS170PCI
card (or choose a product from another vendor, of course :-)).

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