[ntp:questions] Badly drifting system time

yorhel at gmail.com yorhel at gmail.com
Sun Dec 3 11:46:38 UTC 2006

I have used the NTP pool project for quite some time on several servers
now, and I decided I wanted to help the project by donating an NTP
server too. The problem is though, that my server has a badly drifting
system time (it's about 10-15 ms/s too fast). I temporarily "fixed"
that by running ntpdate as an hourly cron-job. But to run an NTP server
I obviously need something better than that.

I have tried to play around with ntpd, but it didn't want to correct my
system time. A few hours after running ntpdate and starting ntpd, the
system time has drifted away again.
'ntpq -p' tells me all the servers I've configured are rejected, and
the offset keeps growing from -100 (at ntpd startup) to -47000 (about
an hour after ntp startup)

Is it possible to correct the system time somehow (preferably using
ntpd) so I can run an accurate ntp server?

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