[ntp:questions] Badly drifting system time

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Sun Dec 3 14:27:07 UTC 2006

yorhel at gmail.com wrote:

> I have used the NTP pool project for quite some time on several servers
> now, and I decided I wanted to help the project by donating an NTP
> server too. The problem is though, that my server has a badly drifting
> system time (it's about 10-15 ms/s too fast). I temporarily "fixed"
> that by running ntpdate as an hourly cron-job. But to run an NTP server
> I obviously need something better than that.
> I have tried to play around with ntpd, but it didn't want to correct my
> system time. A few hours after running ntpdate and starting ntpd, the
> system time has drifted away again.
> 'ntpq -p' tells me all the servers I've configured are rejected, and
> the offset keeps growing from -100 (at ntpd startup) to -47000 (about
> an hour after ntp startup)
> Is it possible to correct the system time somehow (preferably using
> ntpd) so I can run an accurate ntp server?

Of course it's possible!  Most of us do it all day, every day.

It's not clear from your post what your problem might be!  Try starting 
ntpd and letting it run for at least thirty minutes.  Then say "ntpq 
-p"; capture the output and post it.  Post your ntp.conf file as well.

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