[ntp:questions] frequency of updation

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Sun Dec 3 17:46:52 UTC 2006

lulu wrote:
> Is this decision of changing the interval dynamically done by any
> algorithm
> present in rfc related to NTP.

It's in the latest draft RFC. However the clock is not stepped, but the
frequency of the clock ticks that gets adjusted (see adjtime()). The
goal is never to have to step the clock.

> Can't the user interfere in changing the time  interval in which a
> NTP-client sends or recieve packets
minpoll and maxpoll are used for that but are strongly discouraged
unless you understand the total picture and the algorithms used to
discipline the clock. Why would you want to change that? The normal
minimum is 64 seconds.

> And how of sure u are saying it  will never overload the CPU. Because
> sending a packet every minute can make a system overloaded at times
> also if  it is side by side working on
> any resource hunting process.

I've run heavy load tests simultaneously from a number of different
systems at an ntp server and the CPU required was barely noticeable.

 So what i mean to askcan't a user control
> th packaet sending and recieving interval manually.

In general no. What is the real issue that you are not telling us about
that prompted you to ask these questions?


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