[ntp:questions] maxpoll: suse-9.3, ntp-4.20, ext. (windows-based) gps ref clock

John Brookes-Red Bee Media John.Brookes at redbeemedia.com
Tue Dec 5 11:50:44 UTC 2006

In the above setup, I have the following server line in /etc/ntp.conf

server <ip-address> prefer iburst minpoll 6 maxpoll 10
fudge <ip-address> stratum 1

and the following in /etc/sysconfig/xntp


ntp picks up the initial value and uses the server (which is on the
local subnet) for syncing, but the poll times quickly go way beyond the
range of the maxpoll.

I'm all for letting ntp decide how often to poll, but they are running
very time sensitive apps and the local clocks are wandering too much...

In which way am I being stupid and/or what else can I do?

Best regards,


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