[ntp:questions] NTP client server lost

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Fri Dec 8 03:36:35 UTC 2006

Mauro Fiacco wrote:
>> Mauro Fiacco wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> What the condition for a NTP client to decide that it has lost
>>> connection to a server? 
>> When it doesn't get a response to a packet.
>>> Can NTP be configured to always retry a particular server?
>> That's what it does today. It will continue to send packets to the
>> server. You'd have to reconfigure it to do otherwise. What's the real
>> reason behind the question?
> I need to synchronise against two particular servers on the internet
> over an ADSL line.  The addresses are NAT'ed. If for any reason
> the ipaddress to the internet are changed, it seems that NTP looses
> connection with its servers.
> "Today"? is it NTP version 4.2.2??? I am using 4.2.0 at the moment. could
> you clarify that.... 

Install the latest development version on ntp 4.2.3 which handles
dynamically local IP address changes on the fly. It will be release as
4.2.4 shortly.


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