[ntp:questions] CHU Public Notice : http://inms-ienm.nrc-cnrc.gc.ca/time_services/shortwave_broadcasts_e.html

Stephanie Weil stephanienyc at gmail.com
Wed Dec 13 03:43:08 UTC 2006

Max Power schrieb:

> Re-licencing just might be possible, calling the 7.335 MHz a "broadcast".

Well, I always thought that stations like WWV and CHU were
"broadcasts".  I mean, they're receivable on any standard radio with a
shortwave band.

So the format is "all time all the time".  Not really all that
different from all-news stations like Cuba's Radio Reloj, which mix
newscasts in between the time-checks all to the sound of a ticking

All the best for CHU.  I would really be dissapointed if they go - I
always could depend more on CHU's signal than our own WWV.  Just better

Stephanie Weil
New York City

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