[ntp:questions] HP media vault and stratum-1's

Lee Devlin lee._remove_this_1st_devlin at hp.com
Thu Dec 14 15:09:22 UTC 2006

"Marc Brett" <marc at fordson.demon.co.uk> wrote in message >>
>>"Wolfgang S. Rupprecht" <wolfgang.rupprecht+gnus200612 at gmail.com> wrote in
>>> I thought companies agreed to stop doing this nonsense years ago.
> From the FAQ:
> "There is a lot of controversy about accessing public NTP StratumOne 
> servers by
> client devices."
> Wrong.  The controversy ended years ago,  The rules of engagement are 
> crystal
> clear.  Stratum 1 servers should be avoided by clients wherever possible.

I'll correct that.   I did find at least one set of StratumOne servers 
(those belonging to nist.gov) that do allow contact by end clients.  They 
even explain how to do it on their website.

> Still, why can't HP maintain its own NTP servers for its own products?

HP did host a StratumOne server under the hp.com domain at one time, but it 
went offline for some reason.  With the way that companies get purchased, 
merged, re-organized, etc., it's probably a better policy to just use the 
pool.ntp.org servers.

I'll  get this fixed in the next firmware release.

-Lee Devlin

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