[ntp:questions] Can't get time to sync with local time server

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Thu Dec 14 22:20:52 UTC 2006

Arty wrote:

> Using Freebsd 6.1
> My time server is running ntpd and does not appear to have trouble
> syncing with the public time servers.
> My local boxes cannot seem to set the time off of my server, but they
> can query it...
> Example. (from my client)
> # ntpdate
> 14 Dec 16:07:44 ntpdate[94134]: no servers can be used, exiting
> # ntpdate
> 14 Dec 16:08:07 ntpdate[94135]: no server suitable for synchronization found
> # ntpdate -q
> server, stratum 16, offset 177.266135, delay 0.02588
> 14 Dec 16:08:42 ntpdate[94136]: no server suitable for synchronization found

Do you see where it says "stratum 16"??  Stratum 16 is not a "stratum", 
it is a flag saying this server is not synchronized!!!!

When you find out why your server is reporting itself as not 
synchronized and fix it, the client will be happy to use it aa a 
synchronization source.

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