[ntp:questions] HP media vault and stratum-1's

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Thu Dec 14 22:42:33 UTC 2006

Brian Garrett wrote:

> "Lee Devlin" <lee._remove_this_1st_devlin at hp.com> wrote in message
> news:BGigh.3636$t_2.1993 at news.cpqcorp.net...
>>"Dennis Hilberg Jr" <a.user at somedomain> wrote in message
>>news:_vudneloL_0TAhzYnZ2dnUVZ_v63nZ2d at comcast.com...
>>>According to the ntp.isc.org server list, there are two Stratum One time
>>>servers at the HP facility in Palo Alto, CA, although they are not
> hosted
>>>under the hp.com domain, they are under the dec.com domain.
>>Yes, I found those servers yesterday while investigating this issue.
>>However, they are StratumOne servers and so even though HP pays for them,
> it
>>is against the 'Rules of Engagement' for even HP's end clients to use
> them.
>>I guess one way to fix the issue would be to move them into the StratumTwo
>>pool, but I don't want to suggest that because that would remove them from

I don't think the rules need fixing.  The product in question is 
intended to act as a server.  If it is serving a reasonable number of 
clients it qualifies to use stratum 1 servers.

Those who configure these boxes (or any NTP server or client) should 
keep in mind that stratum is not a measure of quality and that the 
quality of the network connection between server and client is a lot 
more important to good timekeeping than the stratum of the server.  One 
of the stratum 2 servers I use outperforms anything else I've tried on 
the internet, including stratum 1 servers; only my own stratum 1 (GPS) 
server keeps better time.

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